This is another is yet another Inflammatory Auto Immune Disorder that often gets confusing to treat because it shares symptoms with so many other conditions. What happens is that the Immune System attacks healthy tissues and breaks down the Blood Brain Barrier or BBB which consists of the Mylan Sheath that insulates the Nerves of the Brain and Spinal Cord as well as the Optic-Nerves and by doing so, it disrupts communication between the Brain and other parts of the Body. Multiple Sclerosis is also known as a Chronic Inflammatory Disease of the Central Nervous System also indicating that Inflammation is probably the cause for much of the Pain one has from this condition. Right now, they don’t know how to predict how Multiple Sclerosis will progress in any individual.

Pro Inflammatory Cytokines which also contribute to the development and the progression of this Disease, they are the fuel for Inflammation. Oxidatitive Stress is involved with the Inflammation, and the Inflammation is linked to Oxidative Stress meaning that both should be treated at the same time.

How can Terpenes Help?

Well, for starters, we go after the Inflammation and Cytokines, or the Fuel for the Inflammation. Two of things we treat with Terpenes are Oxidative Stress and Inflammation at the same time. Not two different soft gels for two different conditions, how about treating two different conditions at the same time with one soft gel? We use other Terpenes that are better known to deal with Multi Sclerosis more specifically and are included in our Anti-Inflammation Soft Gels and Capsules to enhance the positive effects of the Terpenes and give more relief, and a better life and more fuller life!

Lex Hahn, Founder

Vital Terpenes Therapeutics

”As Nature Intended”