What are Terpenes?
Many people are asking about terpenes, what they are, and what their purpose is. A simple explanation is that when you smell cannabis, it's actually the terpenes you're smelling. Smell a flower, same thing. It's the terpenes, or aromatic molecules secreted inside the glands of flowers. Maple syrup is thought to have over 300 terpenes in it. Nature has provided us with over over 30,000 plants that produce terpenes. Ask any scientist, and he will tell you that a molecule is a molecule, so the terpene Beta Caryophylline found in hops is identical to the one found in cannabis, no difference. ○ Here at Vital Terpenes, we use only non-cannabis plant terpenes for our soft gels for two reasons. First, try to find cannabis terpenes. I saw them for sale once from a dispensary for $90 a gram, or over $2,500 an ounce! The plant-based terpenes we use are the same ones as found in cannabis, but at a much lower cost which we pass along to you! Remember, ask any scientist and most will tell you ‘’a molecule is a molecule’’ whether in cannabis or another plant, the terpene is the same. Look up the mango test. They say to eat a mango an hour before consuming cannabis and you will get higher, how can that be? The mango is full of Myrcene. A terpene that makes the brain cells more permeable, letting more cannabinoids and terpenes across the Blood-Brain Barrier, granting either more relief or an increase in the “high’’ feeling without more THC. The program I have created is legal in all 50 states due to using plant based terpenes. All of the terpenes we use are extensively researched through the National Institute of Health and published at PubMed.gov. Before being considered for any blend.

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