For starters, it’s Anti-Inflammation. Pain is caused by too much Inflammation; we try to bring it down with Terpenes. Now here’s another one to look up at Pubmed. In all the articles on Linalool, one of the biggest impacts it has is on Alzheimer’s. It helps with stress management and has a depressant effect on the Central Nervous System, or CNS. For the Women, this helps to relieve cramps and convulsions plus support a Healthy Immune System. It’s been known as a Carcinogenesis or treating Cancer formations at the early stage before it gets worse and harder to treat.  Don’t let it get to the point of Metastasizing or spreading. It has a depressant effect on the CNS or Central Nervous System helping with both relaxation and sleep. For those with Brain Injuries, it’s an effective Neuroprotectant, and Boosts the Immune System. For Smokers, it reduces Lung Inflammation from Cigarettes. It is also a Sedative helping with sleep and relaxation and can help to restore pulmonary function after infections. On the Cancer front, it’s known to inhibit the growth and spread of malignant cells while supporting a healthy Immune function. Another thing, while acting as a Neuroprotectant, it also helps to protect from Neuro Degradation, or increases Brain protection. This is but a small fraction of what this Terpene can do, and a good one to further research for everyone!

Lex Hahn, Founder

Vital Terpenes Therapeutics

”As Nature Intended”

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