Endometriosis Higher Risk of Stroke?

A recent long-term study found that in Women who had Endometriosis, also had a 34% increase in the risk of Stroke. They said the long-term risk of a Stroke was still low.

About 10% of fertile women will suffer from Endometriosis which is considered a Chronic and Painful condition where the tissues grow outside the Uterus. The surrounding area can become Inflamed and Swollen. In fact, it is considered to be a Chronic Inflammation Condition. You can also get Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Depression. As well as giving you an increased risk of Coronary Heart Disease, plus Ovarian Cancer. Is all of this what you need in addition to the Pain from Endometriosis? It’s also a leading cause of Infertility to make things worse.

Causes? Well, they’re really not sure as to what causes it. It could be your Genes, or if other family members you’re more likely to get it.

The Terpene Answer?

Well for starters, what do we see throughout the explanation of this disorder is INFLAMMATION! Just like it is the common denominator in so many other Diseases. So, we start with treating the Inflammation, but by doing so, we are helping with the Chronic Pain that can come with this disorder. We have Terpenes that have Tissue repairing properties and some for reducing Swelling. Let’s add some for treating Depression in case you get that as a Side Effect. A good way to prevent Heart Disease is to lower your Inflammation level. So, you see here, when you treat the Endometriosis for Inflammation, you’re also treating all of those nasty Side Effects at the same time. An all-in-one treatment if I’ve ever seen one, what’s the chances of that? Only Terpenes can help with all of that! Possible Side Effects with Terpenes so far reported by Volunteers, ”Turp Burps”! Terpenes, 100% Natural Plant Based and easy on your body, see and feel the difference today!

Lex, Hahn

Founder, Vital Terpenes Therapeutics

‘As Nature Intended”


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