Cytokines What Are They? Sepsis

Cytokines are commonly known as the fuel for Inflammation but there’s a lot more involved here than just that. Take Sepsis for example. Bacteria will activate White Blood Cells to make Cytokines. This can be a double edge sword for many. When working properly, it can help to do things like heal wounds and Infection. The problem comes when your body, or the Nervous System can’t control the response, that’s when the Immune System can overproduce Cytokines and a failure to regulate them that can result in Auto Immune conditions Like Chrone’s Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis and others.

Sometimes, your own Immune System can attack you. It can make a Cytokine called Tumor Necrosis Factor or TNF. This Cytokine can either cause or reduce Inflammation, so this is why it is considered as we said, a double edge sword.

Current Treatment

This process is controlled by the Vagus Nerve carrying signals between the Brain and Internal Organs and until now has just become more widely known. This is the latest way to treat Inflammation is by implanting a device within your body to stimulate your Vagus Nerve. This sounds a little bit too intense for me to say the least. Can Terpenes do anything to help with this situation?

The Terpene Way, Much Less Intense

We have Terpenes that we put into our Blend to help with not just Inflammation but help to reduce Cytokine production at the same time. Volunteers have reported getting help with getting their Inflammation under control and leading in some cases to a cascade of alleviating Pain and other healing effects and progressing on a path to recovery for many. Terpenes are at the forefront in this new battle against not just Cytokines, but Inflammation to for they are both intertwined. In many cases providing much needed help from a multiple of conditions caused by Inflammation and Cytokines. Why not try Terpenes? Terpenes, the Future!

Lex Hahn, Founder

Vital Terpenes Therapeutics

”As Nature Intended”

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