Breast Cancer Inflammation

This is our second blog on Breast Cancer, and it won’t be the last either! Cancer related Inflammation can lead to a less than favorable outcome and be of a great concern for all of those involved. Inflammation can cause some Breast Cancer. So, it looks like to treat your Breast Cancer for this, one way is to treat your Inflammation and try to get it under control I would think. Now they are saying that it’s important to understand the importance of the genetic makeup in Breast Tumors which could be pro-Metastatic Inflammation. Now they’re saying they can personalize an Immune Treatment program to treat the Cancer which they said was caused by Inflammation. Inflammation can cause Fibroblasts which in turn can cause Tumor promoted Inflammation. This isn’t good! This is starting to sound like a tread mill here that one cannot get off of and without getting better.

What sticks out here?

What I see here is that this is reeking of Inflammation again, it’s everywhere, and as usual, it’s too much Inflammation which can hurt you and cause even more issues for you than you currently have.

How to Treat? Well, that one study says that they are seeking personalized Immune Treatment program for you. I’m think I’m missing something here again. They said your Inflammation is causing it, but they want to give you a personalized Immune Treatment Program. Inflammation causes the worsening of your condition, but let’s play around with your Immune System instead to help with the treatment? What about your Inflammation? Did they forget about that? I guess they didn’t, they were focusing on an Immune Treatment program. If it was me, I’d be addressing the Inflammation first. They didn’t say if it was Immune Stimulators, or Immune Suppressors? It can be treated with Terpenes, either way! Can anybody guess how much this one will cost for a course of treatment? I hope it’s not priced where it cost over $100,000, ”Body Rejection Effects” for free!

The Terpene Response Well as you can see again, there’s Inflammation which can lead to a Dominio Effect of complications that get worse overtime. Several Terpenes that we have help to reduce the Tumors, and others that increase Programed Cell Death or PCD, which the medical term for that is called Apoptosis and it’s what every Cancer Patient dreams about hearing.

Lex Hahn, Founder

Vital Terpenes Therapeutics

”As Nature Intended”

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