Before there were Terpenes and Cannabinoids, many people myself included, have taken NSAID’s for relief of Pain or Fever among other things. NSAID’S are Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. There are many Drugs in this Class of Medicine including Ibuprofen, Aleve, and even Aspirin, which I take daily. They are given to try to avoid Opiates and should only be used for a short duration of time and under the supervision of your Primary Care Physician.
NSAID’s are usually used to reduce fevers and high temperatures. It also decreases Inflammation which grants Pain Relief. Other common uses for NSAID’s are Arthritis, Backache, Cold or Flu, Menstrual Pain, Joint or Bone Injuries, Strains, Sprains and also helps with Muscle or Joint Pain, even Toothaches.
Possible Side Effects or as we say ”Body Rejection Effects using NSAID’S. Indigestion, Headaches, Dizziness, and Drowsiness. Lóng term use can lead to Peptic Ulcers, so hence the need to keep your Doctor informed.
Recent Research has shown that Long Term use of NSAID’S can lead to Chronic Pain, so this is why Short-Term Usage is recommended and the reason to inform your Doctor of all your medical problems, even the minor ones. Remember, minor problems often become big problems when not addressed in a timely manner.

What Can Terpenes Do

All but one of the Terpenes I’ve chosen for the Anti-Inflammation Soft Gels and Capsules, are all but one there because they’re research proven to be Anti- Inflammation to begin with. Also, we adjust the percentages of different Terpenes to maximize the Synergist Effects of the different Terpenes working together to create some Unique, but beneficial Effects!

Most Pain but not all comes about as a result of an illness, or possibly injury, is but two common types. What we have done here at Vital Terpenes Therapeutics is to add a balanced amount of Anti-Inflammation Terpenes to create a blend of the most effective Anti-Inflammation Capsules and Soft Gels on the market. In the process I learned that by treating Inflammation and getting it to go down, people would start to notice less Pain and feel more Pain Relief granted. You see what the Side Effects are to NSAID’s. Terpenes do not have any of those ”Body Rejection Effects”, but ”Beneficial Side Effects” so common with so many Prescription Drugs on the market today.

Lex Hahn, Founder

Vital Terpenes Therapeutics

”As Nature Intended”