Who is Lex Hahn?

Lex Hahn, owner, founder and CEO of Vital Terpenes Therapeutics, LLC – A Proprietary Blend by Lex Hahn, is an expert in the world of terpenes. In certain medical cannabis groups, he is known as “The Terpene King,” or as he likes to be called, “Terpologist.”


With his extensive knowledge and research on terpenes, Lex has created a broad spectrum of several different all natural plant-based terpene blends that treat and combat various health conditions. Studies have shown that all natural plant-based terpenes provide an array of health benefits and can be used as a preventative for certain diseases.


Lex has created a capsule that contains a proprietary blend of all-natural plant-based terpenes mixed with MCT oil and the best CBG hemp one can find! Lex has found that CBG is twice as strong as the more commonly known cannabinoid, CBD. Similar to CBD, CBG contains only trace amounts of THC which is the compound that triggers the psychoactive or the “high” feeling. These capsules are a perfect alternative for those who cannot or do not want THC in their system.


We have also created the first terpene soft gel on the market for those who do not want or cannot have cannabinoids in their system. These give relief without cannabinoids and can pass any drug test because they are all-natural and plant-based. Lex advocates for people to take back their health in a more natural way with no harmful side effects by using all-natural plant-based terpene & CBG capsules daily.


Our Story

Hello everyone,


I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Lex Hahn, and I am the founder of Vital Terpenes Therapeutics. How did Vital Terpenes Therapeutics get started? My ex-wife was in a terrible car accident which left her with three cervical, four spinal fusions, three knee replacements, and two Traumatic Brain Injuries.


It was the brain injuries that were the hardest to deal with, you can’t see those. She also had most of the symptoms for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE which is normally called the football injury due to the fact that so many players have it. I found out that there is nothing out there that could help her. That’s when I knew that if I was to save her, I would have to come up with something on my own if I was to save her!


I started researching what they were doing now, and all they were doing was let a player use a shotgun for pain relief. This was not an option for me.


So, I started treating her successfully with CBD RSO for a while, but it was losing its effectiveness. After a horrible night, I was beside myself as to what to do, when my first batch of terpenes came. I went to work imwp-content/uploadstely and came up with a blend to help with her brain issues. Now when she has an episode, she lays on the bed petting her dog. No shotgun for pain relief her!


My ex-wife was also a Registered Nurse and a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. She spent her life getting people off drugs, and she didn’t like the intoxicating effects of the THC. I found the best combination for her was to use CBG and terpenes. We were then able to eliminate the THC that she didn’t like.


So, what we have done here at Vital Terpenes Therapeutics is to offer two products. One is a cannabinoid-free terpene soft gel, the first in the industry for people who do not want cannabinoids in their system for different reasons.


The terpenes we use have been carefully selected for being plant based and chosen for both their purity and ability to fight inflammation, plus a variety of other aliments. We have over 20 terpenes in our “terpene library” to choose from for our various blends, which in turn becomes our soft gels. That’s why people often report help with their problem that is their primary concern and get relief from more than one condition after taking the soft gels, which often comes as a complete surprise to the person.


I set this program up so that it would be legal in all 50 states and for people who want relief but may also have to pass a drug test.


My first terpene soft gel will be my anti-viral due to the recent outbreak of viruses in the country. My second one will be my anti-inflammation soft gel that has helped so many people with so many issues. That one will be 150 mg of terpenes, and 200 mg of 99.6% pure CBD isolate. This has been having a big impact on many people, especially for pain.


So now you know my story. I was successful because I couldn’t wait for medical science to come up with something for my ex-wife, so I did it on my own.


It was then that people started to hear what I was doing with her and asked to try the capsules. The testimonials I got were unbelievable and eventually, it led to the formation of Vital Terpenes Therapeutics so that I could help others as I helped her.


Lex Hahn Founder


Vital Terpenes Therapeutics LLC